Life Eternal for the Obedient   1 comment

1 Jno. 2, 17 (latter clause)

The apostle contrasts the ephemeral pleasures of the world with the endless life of the Christian.

1.  God’s will is the law of man’s life.  He wills man’s good and to do His will is man’s duty & privilege.

This will requires turning from sin to holiness, from love of the world to the love and service of God and all that is good.  Our pleasure is in or from what we love.

2.  Doing His will brings peace and joy and life eternal to the soul.  “In him was life.”  “The Son quickeneth whom he will.”  Man finds his better, real self in serving God.

3.  Religion has a preserving power.  Fosters every noble element of man’s nature.  “Shall never die.”  “Springing up unto eternal life.”  “Yet in my flesh shall I see God.”  The Christian’s spirit never grows old.

4.  This life is joyous & beautiful here, but it is far more glorious in the world to come.  No affliction or curse, but blessing abounding forevermore.  The highest possible life for man is there.  The dead in Christ live an endless, wonderful life.


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