The Nature of Sin   1 comment

1 Jno. 3, 4

1.  Sin is possible only in a creature that is free to act according to his own choice.  Otherwise there is no sense of merit or demerit.

2.  Sin is a violation of God’s revealed will.  He created and must govern; else ruin will overtake us.

3.  Sin slaps God in the face–is a direct, open affront to Him.  It is intensified by His holiness and greatness.  He is more delicately refined than any other ruler.

4.  It gives God the lie–the act tells Him [that] His word is untrue–that it is better to sin, that sin will not destroy.

5.  It is treason against His government.  He protects men and expects them to be in subjection to Him.  We have no right to revel and betray Him.

6.  Sin thwarts His purpose in every sinner’s life.  Israel died in the wilderness.  By sin men bring evil upon themselves that He never intended they should suffer.  It ruins the life here and damages the soul forever.

7. Yet God will forgive the penitent.  Will you not let Him save you?  Give Him your heart.


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