Righteous Speaking and Thinking   1 comment

Ps. 19, 14

This is a vital matter to us & others.

1.  The tongue is indeed the unruly member, a world of iniquity.  We offend most with our tongues.  No man can tame it.  Hence he prays for needed grace.

2.  The power of human speech is beyond computation.  Words convey ideas, impulses, motives, desires, anxieties, sorrows, pleasures to others and influence them.  Thoughtless speech may seal the destiny of a soul.  “Words fitly spoken,” etc.  How evil a wicked word!  He prays they may be right.

3.  Speech is but the result of meditations.  Hence if words are right one must dwell on things that are right.  “While I mused the fire burned.”  “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth” the heart speaketh.”  It is perilous to give place to evil thoughts.

4.  All shall be brought into judgment.  Our words and thoughts are either acceptable to Him because [they are] wholesome, or displeasing because [they are] hurtful to ourselves and others.  We are not to please men but Him who is our all-wise and righteous judge.

5.  God is our helper thus to live and redeemer from past offences.  He prays to Him for needed blessing, that he may live right in all things.


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