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Summer is Here   Leave a comment


Above:  A Girl in a Rowboat Holding a Parasol and Dangling Her Arm in the Water, August 2, 1915

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = LC-USZ62-74446


Summer is here,

but I will not cheer,

for I know and fear

that through the stratosphere


the temperatures will soar.

Such hot weather gets to my core,

no less now than before;

the annual Summer encore


I am always sad to see,

for I feel the heat so acutely

as it saps my energy level severely,

not to mention rudely.



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The Word Laid Up in the Heart   2 comments


Above:  Reading the Bible

A Currier & Ives Lithograph from Circa 1848

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = LC-USZC2-2949


Ps. 119, 11 & Col. 3, 16

1.  The Bible is an inspired book revealing the truths of God we need to know.  Is of more consequence than man’s words.  As certainly His will as if we should hear Him audibly speak.

2.  It gives needed, explicit warning to all touching the fact of sin and its consequences.  Every evil known is dealt with either specifically or in clear and comprehensive generalities.

3.  It prescribes full, sufficient remedies for every sin, both as to past transgression and how to avoid it in the future.  It is the law of life to us, not mere advice.  It is the light for our path, our chart and compass.

4.  It has exceeding, great and precious promises for all who will heed its admonitions.  Thousands have gone home to glory rejoicing in their fulfillment.

5.  But it is not enough to own a copy of the scriptures.  We must “lay it up in our hearts” that we sin not.  There the Spirit will mightily help us thereby.  “If ye love me ye will lay my commandments to heart,”–keep them.  Pity we neglect it so.  We ought to lay it up in our hearts, meditate therein daily, to become mighty in the Scriptures, and our own lives be filled with its music!


Prayer for a Revival   1 comment



This is not the first time I have read of French infidelity in my great-grandfather’s sermon outlines.  I read that as a reference to Roman Catholicism, for he was an ardent opponent of Holy Mother Church, and contexts of statements have led me to this interpretation.  I, however, hold a kinder opinion of the Roman Catholic Church.

And I have long been a Francophile.  Allons enfants de la patrie….




Ps. 85, 6-7

1.  What is a revival?  A quickening, a pouring out of the Spirit upon the people.

2.  Why a revival?  “That thy people may rejoice in thee.”  To strengthen believers and rebuke unbelief and lead sinners into the kingdom.  To intensify interest in all the work of the church.

3.  What have revivals done?  They have saved nations by saving the individual.  Wesley’s work saved England from a “reign of terror” and Whitefield saved our nation by being overrun by infidelity from France.

4.  They are from God.  He alone can do the work needed:  no device of man can save a soul.  He must “build the house,” or man’s work is vain.  “Wilt thou not revive us again?”

5.  But men must pray for it.  “Shew us thy mercy, O Lord, and grant us thy salvation.”  He answers the prayer of faith.  “Call…and I will answer thee.”  Our prayers for a revival lack in constancy, are too spasmodic.  God is on the giving hand.  May showers of blessing fall upon all the people.


Conditions of a Revival   1 comment


Above:  Mohawk Valley, 1900-1912

Publisher and Copyright Claimant = Detroit Publishing Company

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Acts 3, 19 (Latter Clause)

Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord;

–Acts 3:19, Authorized Version

1.  Seasons of refreshing have characterized the church in all ages.  Mountain visions along with valleys of service.

2.  God is anxious to visit His people.  He would pour out a blessing such as there is not room to contain.  He is much concerned for us.

3.  But there are conditions to be met.

(a)  He comes not uninvited.  Knocks but waits till we open the door.

(b)  Men must repent and draw near to Him.  He comes along a prepared way to a prepared people.  Obstacles must be given up.  God has made ready; now man must do the same.  Ours is the trouble.  We invite our guests into a prepared room; so we must renounce sin as we ask Him into our hearts.

4.  “That so there may come seasons of refreshing.”  This is the object of His calling us to repent.  They will come if we meet the conditions.  God waits to be gracious.  He is willing, waiting.  Will we look up?  He will blot out our sins and give us the spirit.

O for a mighty turning to God!


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Disposing of Burdens   1 comment

1 Peter 5, 7

Man without a burden a curiosity.  “Man is born unto trouble.”  But for the cross of Christ the heart of the world would break.  An angel would shudder beneath some of them.

1.  Imaginary troubles–homemade.  Don’t worry about these; trust God.

2.  Real troubles.  These are:

(1)  Burdens of guilt.  “Yes, Lord, I am a sinner.”  Seek relief in pleasure; void.

(2)  Burden is remorse, the backslider tempted to give up.  Jesus stands ready to receive.  David found Him gracious.

(3)  Burden of grief.  Sorrow has sapped life of its sweetness.

(4)  Burden of anxiety.  What shall be tomorrow–many things concern us.

3.  What to do then?  Cast them at His feed.  Cast all, for He cares for you.  Tender as a found mother.

4.  He cares for you.  O let’s unload our hearts.  Carry the load no longer.  Unload mother’s heart, young man.

5.  “God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.”  Will you not come to Him now, just as you are?


Thy Will Be Done on Earth as In Heaven   1 comment


Above:  The Lord’s Prayer

Image Created in 1889

Artist = John Morgan Coaley

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = LC-DIG-ppmsca-23124


Matt. 6, 10

Significant that this petition follows the request, “thy kingdom come.” As King His will is the law of His subjects.

1.  “Thy will be done.”  This clashes with our wills, till we consent do do His will.  Not man’s, nor the devil’s, but thy will be done.  Such is Christian.

2.  In everything.  Let nothing be done contrary to His will.  In business, social, or church life, let all be the dear, hearty expression of His will.

3.  All one’s life; not a moment’s disobedience, is the ideal of the text.  He will we should always obey him.

4.  In all the world.  God either does or does not will the folly of the race.  He never consents to sin nor the least compromise with it.  “He wills not the death of any, but that all come to repentance.  Hence we are to pray that his will be done everywhere, at home and abroad, “as in heaven”:  not one spirit in heaven disobeys him, neither should one being here.

But the angels obey not so much from command as from the common impulse of love; so ought we.

What a day where all love and obey Him!  Pray for it daily.


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