The Word Laid Up in the Heart   2 comments


Above:  Reading the Bible

A Currier & Ives Lithograph from Circa 1848

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = LC-USZC2-2949


Ps. 119, 11 & Col. 3, 16

1.  The Bible is an inspired book revealing the truths of God we need to know.  Is of more consequence than man’s words.  As certainly His will as if we should hear Him audibly speak.

2.  It gives needed, explicit warning to all touching the fact of sin and its consequences.  Every evil known is dealt with either specifically or in clear and comprehensive generalities.

3.  It prescribes full, sufficient remedies for every sin, both as to past transgression and how to avoid it in the future.  It is the law of life to us, not mere advice.  It is the light for our path, our chart and compass.

4.  It has exceeding, great and precious promises for all who will heed its admonitions.  Thousands have gone home to glory rejoicing in their fulfillment.

5.  But it is not enough to own a copy of the scriptures.  We must “lay it up in our hearts” that we sin not.  There the Spirit will mightily help us thereby.  “If ye love me ye will lay my commandments to heart,”–keep them.  Pity we neglect it so.  We ought to lay it up in our hearts, meditate therein daily, to become mighty in the Scriptures, and our own lives be filled with its music!


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