Thy Will Be Done on Earth as In Heaven   1 comment


Above:  The Lord’s Prayer

Image Created in 1889

Artist = John Morgan Coaley

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = LC-DIG-ppmsca-23124


Matt. 6, 10

Significant that this petition follows the request, “thy kingdom come.” As King His will is the law of His subjects.

1.  “Thy will be done.”  This clashes with our wills, till we consent do do His will.  Not man’s, nor the devil’s, but thy will be done.  Such is Christian.

2.  In everything.  Let nothing be done contrary to His will.  In business, social, or church life, let all be the dear, hearty expression of His will.

3.  All one’s life; not a moment’s disobedience, is the ideal of the text.  He will we should always obey him.

4.  In all the world.  God either does or does not will the folly of the race.  He never consents to sin nor the least compromise with it.  “He wills not the death of any, but that all come to repentance.  Hence we are to pray that his will be done everywhere, at home and abroad, “as in heaven”:  not one spirit in heaven disobeys him, neither should one being here.

But the angels obey not so much from command as from the common impulse of love; so ought we.

What a day where all love and obey Him!  Pray for it daily.


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