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Above:  View Looking Down the Tailrace from the West Side of the Powerhouse–Tallassee Shoals Hydroelectric Facility, Middle Oconee River, Athens, Clarke County, Georgia

Photograph Created by the Historic American Engineering Record

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = HAER GA,30-ATH.V,1–1


That plant, according to the plaque in Ben Burton Park (the current use for the site) closed in 1964, having been in operation since 1896.–KRT


In the Middle Oconee River,

closer to its normal state,

with many of its large rocks above water

(at least partially),

a small group of turtles sunned themselves

on two rocks as water cascaded

near them, flowing gloriously

in its river bed through Athens-Clarke County

then into the Oconee River proper,

through the County of Greene

and toward its ultimate fate,

the Atlantic Ocean.


But, here and now, it is fun

to watch the water flow quickly

as turtles rest above it then reenter it unaided,

going where they will during their turtle lives,

perhaps oblivious to we humans observing them

from the bank, just glad to see them at a distance

as we enjoy nature quietly,

seeking  nothing in return,

but revering, each in our turn,

that which is free,

yet beyond price.