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Above:  Domestic Cat, 1878

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = LC-DIG-jpd-0112


O most noble wearers of fur,

with whom we humans live but whom we never own,

you are creatures we seek after,

the greatest we have ever known.


You are most skilled people trainers,

adept in the ways of behavior modification;

your training of us seems as entertaining

ways; we need an education.


Dogs, some say, are man’s best friends,

even the best friends in Washington,

but cats, I know, to us also attend

quite well, giving sincere attention.


Some say that you are aloof,

as if that manner is bad;

but I say that an honest cat, even one on a roof,

can be a true friend–not a cad.


So I praise you, noble felines,

as you stretch and as you curl

up; you I cannot malign;

your flag I do unfurl.



Posted June 25, 2013 by neatnik2009 in Cats, Kenneth Randolph Taylor 2013

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