Christ As Lord in the Heart   1 comment

1 Peter 3, 15

1.  See that the heart is His temple, prepared for his indwelling and dedicated to Him.  Let Him dwell there richly by faith.

2.  Enthrone Him as Lord:

(a)  Of thy afflictions.  Love him supremely.  Let Him regulate and dominate all–love only what He loves & approves.

(b)  Subject the will to Him.  “Thy will be done as in heaven so in earth.”  Be “willing and obedient.”  He wills our highest possible good; let Him direct in all things.

(c)  Reverence Him, worship Him, magnify Him, exalt Him.  He is Lord of heaven and earth; let Him be Lord of thy whole life.

3.  He will be thy sufficiency in all things.  In having Him you have your highest blessing and He will supply “these other things.”  The heart will find rest and strength in Him.  Then no matter how much is exacted of you, you will be ready to give a reason of the hope that is in you.



1 Peter 3, 13 (Revised Version)

1.  God created all things; hence He is Sovereign of all things.  Creation invests Him with the right to rule.

2.  Jesus Christ is creator of a new and greater creation–the heart of man.  He, by His death, redeems man.  This invests Him of right Lord of heaven & earth–of all men.

3.  Man should so recognize Him and make Him Lord over the heart and life.

Make Him Lord:

(1)  Of the intellect.  He alone is man’s pilot.  In all one’s thinking an anchor is sorely needed.  Christian education alone is safe!

(2)  Of the emotions.  Satan stirs up evil passions.  Jesus will purify and rule them in righteousness–will give holy emotions, desires for a pleasure in all that is good.

(3)  Of the will.  Sin is the anarchist of the soul.  Surrender the will to Jesus Christ.  This adjusts and oils life’s machinery.  “‘Tis best to let him have his way with thee.”

(4)  Of others that they may be led to crown Him Lord of all.



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