Jesus At the Heart’s Door   2 comments

Rev. 3, 20

1.  Jesus earnestly desires to save sinners.  He constantly yearns over them.

2.  He knocks at the door of the heart for admittance; he advertises his desire to save.  By his providence, gospel, Holy Spirit, friends–anything that can arouse the conscience and teach the hearts of men.

3.  But [we] must open the door, must invite in, become willing to be saved.  He is willing, now is man willing?  He will not force himself upon man; but when he is admitted he comes in to pardon sin & heal his backslidings.

4.  “Will sup with him,” will be a sharer in his lot and helper in it all, will not leave him alone in his struggle through life.  I have a blessing to impart besides.

5.  “And he with me.”  I will impart my grace, mercy and peace here.”  “My peace I give.”

Eternal life.  I will give my triumph over all & shall become yours too and heaven shall crown all.  (Jno. 17, 24)

Now for all this will you not open the door gladly and let him into your heart?  Let him in now.


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