The Preeminence of Christ   3 comments

Christ Pantocrator

Above:  Christ Pantocrator


Jno. 1, 1-18

Eph. 1, 15-28

Col. 1, 18

Paul made great by his estimate of Christ.

1.  He is the pre-existent Christ, the Divine Son.

2.  Creator of all things

(a)  He preserves all things.

(b)  All authority & power are of Him.  Position one of greatest dignity as Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon [attest].

3.  This Christ was born into the world.  He is God incarnate.

(a)  Spoke divine wisdom

(b)  Did a divine work,–miracles, and forgiveness of sin.

(c)  Lived a spotless life.  None else could without Him

(d)  Was not holden of death.  In all this He is preeminent.  Before creation and now amongst men He stands far above all the great.

4.  Hence the Father exalted Him and set Him on His own right hand.  His lordship is won by suffering.  He won a place in the affections of men by his sacrifice & now He is set on high.

5.  From His everlasting throne He directs His church.  Is conquering the world step by step.  Some day He will have subdued all enemies and shall reign supremely [as] the preeminent One.  To praise Him man’s sweetest refrain and angels’ highest note.  Shall not we too crown Him Lord of all?


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