Applying the Heart Unto Wisdom   1 comment


Above:  1888 Calendar, New York Daily News

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = LC-USZC2-34


Ps. 90, 12

1.  Our days pass swiftly by.  Time hastens us on to eternity.  What is done must be done quickly or life’s close will find us with little done.

2.  Man needs to number his days–to take cognizance of their flight and live to purpose.  He has no time to lose.  Each year, each day should stand for some distinct advance in life.  “Life is earnest” and each of us should be in earnest.

3.  Man needs to know the wrath of God, how that He is displeased at all sin and will bring man into strict account.  Every day is fraught with an eternity of interest.

4.  Hence man should apply himself to wisdom–seek diligently to know God’s will and do it.  “Fear God and keep His commandments.”  This is the one profitable pursuit in life.  This saves the life, does not waste it.  So much needs to be done [that] all lethargy should be thrown aside and life should be for Him with all our ransomed powers.


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