Justification by Faith   2 comments


Above:  Court, Between 1910 and 1926

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = LC-DIG-npcc-32171


Acts 13, 39

1.  Man is a sinful creature.  Was created holy with a positive law to keep.  Able to stand free to fall.  He sinned and condemnation came upon him.  But God promised to deliver him from under the curse of the law, else he would have been doomed eternally.

2.  What is justification?  Facere, justus.  The term has reference to law & judicial proceedings.

(1)  One under charges may be justified by testimony.

(2)  Or by force of law, as such as an act is allowed.

(3)  Or by pardon, after guilt is established.  So the sinner is forgiven for Christ’s sake if he turn to God for mercy.

3.  On what condition are we justified?  The condition is wholly with God.  He offers it by faith.  All who believe in Jesus are freely justified; who does not is condemned already (Jno. 3, 16 & 36).  It is the only thing without which no one is justified.  But one must repent to be able to believe.

4.  What is the nature of that faith by which we are justified?  Must be a distinction for the devils believe & tremble.  It must be an act of the whole heart, “a sure trust or confidence that God pardons even me.”  A faith that results in obedience for “faith without works is dead.”


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