Search Me, O God   1 comment

Ps. 139, 23-24

Man shrinks from introduction from self-examination, lest discomfort should result, but

1.  God knows him altogether.  He understands him afar off.  No matter when man dwells God knows every secret purpose.  He created him and has watched over him constantly.

2.  With Thy wonderful knowledge and understanding search me and know my heart.  “Try me and know my thoughts.”  Put me to the test.  “See if there be any wicked way in me.”  I want to be right while mercy may be had.

This is important to us as a church.  Would anything about us obstruct the Spirit’s power?  Are we non-conductors?  That we may be cleansed and fitted for helpful service!

3.  “And had me in the way everlasting.”  Rid my soul of all evil and lead me in the way of righteousness, that shall never perish.

I will follow Thy leading; do thou be the leader.  I do not know which way is best ; Thou art all-wise.

4.  Will you not heed His voice within you and seek Him?  If it is not well with Thy soul turn to Him now while He waits to be gracious.


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