Conversion is Proof of the Kingdom’s Presence   2 comments

Matt. 12, 28

That Christ cast out demons is admitted by friend and foe.  The question is how he did it.

1.  The Pharisees said he cast them out by Beelzebub, the prince of demons.  If so, Satan’s kingdom is divided, and the warring factions will destroy his kingdom.  Manifestly the theory carries contradiction on its face.

2.  Hence we are left to his own claim that he cast them out by the Spirit.

The Spirit generated his humanity, he increased in the Spirit as a child, the Spirit came upon him at his baptism, he went to the wilderness being full of the Spirit, etc.  The Spirit imparted the power he used in his work, to cast out demons, and all else.

3.  But the power to cast out demons is then the same displayed in saving the sinner now.  The demon within is the trouble with men then & now.  Conversion is the ever-present miracle.

4.  This evinces, then & now, that the kingdom of God is come upon us.  This is the power that shall supplant Satan and establish His everlasting kingdom.  This power of the Spirit is proof to all of Christ’s divinity.  “That ye bear much fruit,” etc.

5.  This power is for us today.  God would through us work “greater works.”  Open the flood-gates and let him come in!


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2 responses to “Conversion is Proof of the Kingdom’s Presence

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  1. Yes. This I know very well both by Scripture and by the experience of just that very miracle beginning in a strong demonstration of power to put to death the old and bring forth anew just over five years ago. One of power and of love and of discipline.


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