Herein Is My Father Glorified   1 comment


Above:  Grapes on a Vine

Drawing Created Between 1800 and 1870

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = LC-DIG-jpd-00964 


John 15, 8

1.  To glorify God our Father is our one business here.

(a)  This is the true end of our existence.

(b)  Of all earth’s great questions this is the most important.  Other matters can be left undone, but we can’t afford to do so with this one.

2.  We must glorify Him by our bearing fruit, much fruit in our lives.  Thus we magnify His name and illustrate the beauty of His grace.

(a)  Fruit of the Spirit in the heart.  These adorn & beautify the life.

(b)  Bearing fruit as a church.  Saving souls.  This her best credentials, her real glory.  O that Zion may bring many sons and daughters unto God!

3.  The condition for doing these is to abide in him–the Vine.  That his life-giving power may be our strength.  Else he will cast us forth to be burned.  It is a life-and-death question.

4.  Those who do bear fruit will purgeth that they may bring forth more.  Seek the highest results in our own lives–much fruit.


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