The Barren Fig Tree   1 comment


Above:  Fig Tree after Devastation by Locusts, Palestine, Ottoman Empire, 1915

Copyright Holder = The Matson Photo Service, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = LC-USZ62-107399


Luke 13, 6-9

1.  The tree was fostered for a specific purpose–figs.  God has a purpose touching each one of us–a place for us to fill, a sphere of usefulness.

2.  Our highest interest can be realized only in connection with Him, doing His will.  He is not a tyrant to be shunned, but a Friend without whom our highest development is impossible.

3.  Hence He seeks our development, tries to lead us to repentance and conformity to His righteous will.  He has invested much in us and of right expects much–at least something of us.  Life is an opportunity under grace.

4.  Finding no fruit, no developments in things holy, he orders it cut down as a cumberer of the ground.  [It] bears no fruit and is in the way.  [It] does not justify its own existence.

5.  The dresser pleads for another year, suitable opportunity, that he may make special effort to secure the desired results.  It is granted with the understanding that in case of failure destruction shall follow.  This special effort may be sickness, business losses, exhortation of friends–all is to lead us to His will.

We may find the place he gives, small or great, fill it however cramped we may be, and please, if not ourselves, at least Him whose approval is sufficient.


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