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God Our Mother   4 comments


Above:  A Mother, by John White Alexander, Between 1900 and 1912

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I thought that this post (probably from 1950) would fit well with the previous one (from 1905-1913):

The notes (reproduced almost verbatim) are located in a Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland 1943 Day Book.  These are raw notes, intended for my great-grandfather’s eyes, with shorthand references which he would have understood immediately yet which confuse others.  Nevertheless, I hope that one can glean much good from from them.




Read Psalm 113.

As one whom His mother comforteth, so will I comfort you.

–Isaiah 66:13

1.  Bible a warm letter of affection.

2.  50 to 60 nights of gentle dew.

3.  20 to 50 letters of affection, so

4.  Father & child out in storm.

5.  Text bends with great gentleness & love.  It breathers upon us the hush an internal lullaby, for it announces that God is as our mother.


God has a mother’s simplicity of instruction.–ABCs

So God, our mother, stoops down to our infantile minds.

1000 times–30 to yrs.   faith


A mother teaches her child chiefly by pictures.


a.  God also teaches us almost everything by pictures.

1.  Autumnal picture

2.  Fishing scene–good from bad

3.  Duty of neighborly love–Jericho

4.  Gladness of divine mercy to take back a wanderer–Prodigal Son

I remark again that


God has a mother’s favoritism.

Picture mother’s care of invalid child.

If there is anyone in the world who needs sympathy more than another, it is an invalid child, weary on the first mile of life’s journey; carrying an aching head, a weak side an irritated lung.

“Whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth.” Says one, “I can’t understand all that about affliction.”

a.  Refiner of silver’s explanation.

b.  Treatment of the barren field.  

c.  Treatment of piece of granite.  quarryman

d.  So God finds a man down in the quarry of ignorance & sin.  How does He get him up to usefulness?  He, too, like the rock, must be bored, blasted, & scoured, and stand sometimes in the darkness.  But after a while in the mantle of affliction will fall off & his soul will be greeted by the 144,000 & the thousands of thousands as more than a conqueror.

God never touches us but for our good.

Pearl a result of a wound & maybe the brightest gems of heaven will be found to have been the wounds of earth kindled into the jeweled brightness of eternal glory.


God has a mother’s capacity for little hurts.  Father is shocked at bone-splinter in hand.

Nothing with God is something.  No ciphers in God’s arithmetic.

As at the first cry of the child the mother rushes to kiss the wound.  So God, like a mother, takes the smallest wound of the heart & presses it to the lops of divine sympathy.


God has a mother’s patience for the erring.

If one does wrong , first his associates in life cast him off–business partners, best friends–his father.

His mother–no.

[She] sits by [the] murderer’s counsel–God bless his gray hairs….

Grave–rocking chair–cradle–Bible

a.  So God, like a mother, has patience with all the erring.

b.  Sympathy of church does not amount to much.

c.  Sergeant takes soldier to Colonel.


A man’s sin may be large like a continent, but God’s forgiveness is like the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans, bounding it on both sides.


The Bible often talks about God’s Hand.

Compare a father’s hand and a mother’s hand.

Compare God’s hand.


God has a mother’s way of putting a child to sleep.

Picture that scene of putting a child to sleep.

Well, the time will come when we will be wanting to be put to sleep.  Then we want God to soothe us, to put us to sleep.

Oh, the cradle of the the grace will be soft with the pillow of God’s promises.

Asleep in Jesus!  Far from thee

Thy kindred and their graves may be;

But thine is still a blessed sleep

From which none ever wake to seep.

–Death scene of a Scotsman–Nellie

How comfortably did God hush that old man to sleep!  As one whom his mother comforteth, so God comforteth him.




God Our Father   2 comments


Above:  Holy Trinity Stained-Glass Window, St. Peter’s Church, Washington, New Jersey

Designed by J. & R. Lamb Studios

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Matt. 6, 9

1.  God is the Creator of our bodies and Father of our spirits.  Out of fatherly concern for our happiness He created us to embody Him.  This invests Him with the right of parental control of his children.

2.  As Father He loves us.  His very nature is love.  He is constantly blessing us and seeking our happiness.  Sendeth rain upon the good and the bad.  He “pitieth them that fear him.”

Seeketh to reveal himself to us and to impart some spiritual blessing.  Yearns over the prodigal and rejoices at his return.  “He so loved the world (kosmos) that he gave his only begotten Son.”  He would be a Father to all men and help them.  It is not His fault if He is not to them all a heavenly Father ought to be, for many reject His love.

3.  But Fatherhood means more than this.  He would be the Father of their spiritual nature.  “To them gave he power to become the sons of God.”  By sin men become aliens, prodigals, “children of the devil.”  By faith they become in nature the children of God.

4.  Hence results the brotherhood of man, not because of similar natures but because of our [illegible word] Father.  Christians are brethren in Christ & members of one another.


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Death the Gate to Heaven   1 comment


Above:  Our Martyrs at Heaven’s Gate, 1881

President Abraham Lincoln greets President James A. Garfield.

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = LC-DIG-pga-02234


Jno. 14, 2-3

1.  Jesus goes away to prepare a place for them.  He came from heaven in their behalf; now he returns to serve them further.  The odds are against their highest enjoyment here; hence he seeks an abode free from all hindrance.

2.  But he will come to them and help them.  The Holy Spirit did come to counsel and help them, that they may prepare for higher things.  Finally he will come to take them to himself.

3.  They are to be with him where he is.  They loved him and followed him here and he wants them to be with him there to behold his glory.  He prayed for this.  Immortal bliss awaits all his children in his gracious abode, the house of many mansions.

4.  Hence death is but the door of entrance to higher, holier things.  He arched the door with bow of hope and planted there most fragrant flowers.

Where he is is heaven to dwell with him and the good of all ages.