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Above:  Holy Trinity Stained-Glass Window, St. Peter’s Church, Washington, New Jersey

Designed by J. & R. Lamb Studios

Image Source = Library of Congress



Matt. 6, 9

1.  God is the Creator of our bodies and Father of our spirits.  Out of fatherly concern for our happiness He created us to embody Him.  This invests Him with the right of parental control of his children.

2.  As Father He loves us.  His very nature is love.  He is constantly blessing us and seeking our happiness.  Sendeth rain upon the good and the bad.  He “pitieth them that fear him.”

Seeketh to reveal himself to us and to impart some spiritual blessing.  Yearns over the prodigal and rejoices at his return.  “He so loved the world (kosmos) that he gave his only begotten Son.”  He would be a Father to all men and help them.  It is not His fault if He is not to them all a heavenly Father ought to be, for many reject His love.

3.  But Fatherhood means more than this.  He would be the Father of their spiritual nature.  “To them gave he power to become the sons of God.”  By sin men become aliens, prodigals, “children of the devil.”  By faith they become in nature the children of God.

4.  Hence results the brotherhood of man, not because of similar natures but because of our [illegible word] Father.  Christians are brethren in Christ & members of one another.


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