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Randolph Winburn Barrett Signature

Above:  The Signature of Randolph Winburn Barrett

Image Cropped from a Scan by Barbara Taylor Jackson



Some of the words in this poem seem ironic to me and others seem as foreshadowing, given Randolph Winburn Barrett’s alienation from the family and subsequent disappearance within a few years.  However that alienation came to pass, it did happen.  And I hope that he did better than I fear he did after he left home, never to return.




Don’t let the blues get the best of you

If something in your path goes wrong,

Just take from me this small, simple cue–

Buck up–and come along!


Don’t let the world say that you are down,

Show it you still sing your song;

Just leave behind your wearisome frown–

Buck up–and come along!


Even if they turn their backs on you–

Keep singing your glad, gay song;

Just make sure of that small, simple cue–

Buck up–and come along!


The world likes a man that it can’t down,

A man who can sing his gay song;

One who does not wear a frown.

Buck up–and come along!


So win the respect of all the world–

Win friends with your smile and your songs;

Be true, be kind to all in this world–

Buck up–and come along!



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