God’s Garden   Leave a comment


Above:  Peach Blossoms, Between 1900 and 1906

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = LC-D4-16304


God’s garden is a wondrous thing,

It covers all the world.

‘Tis filled with blossoms of all kinds,

Wee birds, and flow’rs unfurled.

There are beautiful ponds all thro’ it,

Larger than any of ours;

But they’re there, and are of His making,

Objects of infinite pow’rs.


At night He sends refreshing sleep,

Like dew upon wild flowers,

To cool and res them after day’s

Hot sun and trying hours.

With gentle, warming rays;

He sends the rain to give them drink

And food, thro’ all their days.


God doesn’t want His gard’n abused

At any time or place;

He wants each flow’r to bloom for Himself

In beauty and with grace.

For each beautiful life, seen by all,

Helps each of us, no matter how weak;

May work in God’s garden some.



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