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Indian Girl   2 comments

Indian Girl--NFBarrett

Above:  Indian Girl, by Nellie Sequin Fox Barrett (1876-1958)

My great-grandmother was an excellent artist, as this painting attests.  In fact, she taught art at Young Harris College for two years (  Family lore states that the model for this picture was Sarah Claiborne Barrett (1908-1954), one of my greataunts and a daughter of the artist.




Many thanks to Randolph Fleming Taylor for sharing the image and some related information!


The Teacher With Authority   1 comment

The Sermon on the Mount Carl Bloch, 1890

Above:  The Sermon on the Mount, by Carl Bloch

(Painting in the Public Domain)



Several points:

  1. Evolutionary science has expanded into areas that Charles Darwin could not have imagined.  (I accept science in “mechanical” matters and do mistake the Bible for a science book, something its authors never intended it to be anyway.  Creationist arguments have as much credibility to me as do geocentric ones theologians employed for centuries–none.)
  2. Herbert Spencer argued for inhumane and un-Judeo-Christian views of social order.  The prophets and Jesus would have argued against them.
  3. And Ralph Waldo Emerson seemed nice enough.

But I take my great-grandfather’s main point and affirm it:  The Wisdom of Christ does operate on a higher level.

There are different types and levels of legitimate knowledge.




Matt. 7, 28-29

Jesus was a teacher, counselor, Rabbi.  He instructed men in spiritual truths.

1.  He was commissioned to teach–had full authority to voice the Father’s will.  For he was the eternal Son and submitted himself to the Father’s will.

2.  Omniscient–he was the truth.  He could make no mistake.  He know what would follow from any given course of conduct, hence made no mistake & there can be no need to change one utterance.

3.  His word is final.  There is no appeal from it.  Man’s mind changes; his word in wisdom abides forever.  His teaching is not on a level with Darwin, Spencer, & Emerson.  They are men; he is God.  By this inspiration men are “thoroughly furnished unto all good works.”  By this law shall all men be judged at last.

4.  To speak this truth is man’s only authority.  “Follow me as I follow Christ.”  “Preach the word” “not ourselves but Christ Jesus as Lord.”

5.  How needful to know his will.  Look into & continue in this perfect law of liberty and be blest.

Men must accept this revelation as law and obey it.


A Mother’s Prayer   3 comments

Nellie Sequin Fox Barrett

Above:  Nellie Seguin Fox Barrett (1876-1958) Late in Her Life

Cropped from a Photograph Courtesy of Randolph Fleming Taylor


Written at Tignall, Georgia, in 1922, Shortly Before Her Son, Randolph Winburn Barrett (born in 1905), Left for Whatever He Went Off to Do –Perhaps Attend College–That Year


Many thanks to Uncle Randy for sharing the text also!–KRT


Heavenly Father, bless my boy,

He’s going to leave me very soon.

From my aching mother’s heart

I crave of Thee this priceless boon.

Keep him safe from all snares

Set for unwary youthful feet;

May he tread the “narrow way”

In Thy whole armor clad complete.

Keep him, body, mind, and soul,

Clean and pure; and grant that he

May prove a blessing unto all

With whom his daily lot may be.

Holding fast the talisman

That turns to vanity sin’s charms,

‘Ere the year drawn to its close

Restore him to my waiting arms.


He is thine as well as mine,

And thou art pledged to keep thine own.

I will not fear, for in thy care

I will send him forth–my first-born son.


God or Mammon?   1 comment


Above:  The Front of the U.S. $5000 Bill (1934)

Consumer Price Index, Adjusted for Inflation = $85,700.00 in 2012


(Images of U.S. Currency are in the public domain.)


Matt. 6, 24

1.  No man can serve two masters.  The conflict between them necessitates a choice by man.  One must be subordinated to the other.  One may try to serve both, but he will really love only one.  He can’t divide his heart.

2.  Shall he choose mammon?  This is to prostitute his powers and waste his life on things unworthy of himself.  It is to choose the ways of sin and death.  It eateth as does a canker.

3.  Shall he not rather choose to serve God by the proper use of mammon and all things else?

(1)  Religious uses alone are worthy of man’s powers and that can save him from being ruined by the love of wealth.  Save a million souls or [a] million souls?  The redemption, or evangelization of the world is the only thing worthy of the great wealth of the Christian world.

(2)  We give up mammon for grace.  “The riches of God in Christ Jesus are better than gold.”  Moses “had respect unto the recompense of reward.”  “Godliness has the promise of the life that now is and of that which is to come.”

4.  What then is your choice?  God and his grace or mammon and eternal death?  Your destiny depends upon your choice.


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