A Mother’s Prayer   3 comments

Nellie Sequin Fox Barrett

Above:  Nellie Seguin Fox Barrett (1876-1958) Late in Her Life

Cropped from a Photograph Courtesy of Randolph Fleming Taylor


Written at Tignall, Georgia, in 1922, Shortly Before Her Son, Randolph Winburn Barrett (born in 1905), Left for Whatever He Went Off to Do –Perhaps Attend College–That Year


Many thanks to Uncle Randy for sharing the text also!–KRT


Heavenly Father, bless my boy,

He’s going to leave me very soon.

From my aching mother’s heart

I crave of Thee this priceless boon.

Keep him safe from all snares

Set for unwary youthful feet;

May he tread the “narrow way”

In Thy whole armor clad complete.

Keep him, body, mind, and soul,

Clean and pure; and grant that he

May prove a blessing unto all

With whom his daily lot may be.

Holding fast the talisman

That turns to vanity sin’s charms,

‘Ere the year drawn to its close

Restore him to my waiting arms.


He is thine as well as mine,

And thou art pledged to keep thine own.

I will not fear, for in thy care

I will send him forth–my first-born son.


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