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Above:  The Front of the U.S. $5000 Bill (1934)

Consumer Price Index, Adjusted for Inflation = $85,700.00 in 2012


(Images of U.S. Currency are in the public domain.)


Matt. 6, 24

1.  No man can serve two masters.  The conflict between them necessitates a choice by man.  One must be subordinated to the other.  One may try to serve both, but he will really love only one.  He can’t divide his heart.

2.  Shall he choose mammon?  This is to prostitute his powers and waste his life on things unworthy of himself.  It is to choose the ways of sin and death.  It eateth as does a canker.

3.  Shall he not rather choose to serve God by the proper use of mammon and all things else?

(1)  Religious uses alone are worthy of man’s powers and that can save him from being ruined by the love of wealth.  Save a million souls or [a] million souls?  The redemption, or evangelization of the world is the only thing worthy of the great wealth of the Christian world.

(2)  We give up mammon for grace.  “The riches of God in Christ Jesus are better than gold.”  Moses “had respect unto the recompense of reward.”  “Godliness has the promise of the life that now is and of that which is to come.”

4.  What then is your choice?  God and his grace or mammon and eternal death?  Your destiny depends upon your choice.


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