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Above:  Christ Healing the Blind, by Nicolas Colombel

(Image in the Public Domain)


Jno. 9, 4

1.  Jesus associates the disciples with him in the work of redemption.  Such is the greatness of the work in extend and intensity that he needs the help of all his children.

(a)  He came on a mission–had something to accomplish–to seek and save that which was lost.

(b)  We have the same mission.  “Even so send I you.”  “Go work in my vineyard.”  Each one has his own work to perform.

2.  He sees a great need of service.  There is the world of sin; men are to be reached.  He longs to relieve man’s need.

Can we not see a need for service?  Can’t we do something to help someone?  God pity us if our hearts do not respond to the call.

3.  There is a limit to our opportunity.  Time passes swiftly, night approaches.  We have no time to lose.  Yours is a service none else can render.

Go labor for him and receive wages.  “He that goeth forth bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again, bearing his sheaves with him.”


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