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A Painting by Harriett Stoddard Taylor   Leave a comment

Harriett Stoddard Painting

Above:  A Photograph of the Stolen Painting

Image Courtesy of Randolph Fleming Taylor


Our family has been blessed with the presence of very talented people in all of its branches.  Writers have abounded.  And some painters have been among us.    Harriett Stoddard Taylor (1865-1932) painted.  And so did another great-grandmother, Nellie Sequin Fox Barrett (1876-1958), as this link attests.

Unfortunately, vandals have stolen the painting shown above, which used to hang in the Taylor house in Summerville, Georgia.



The Condition of Discipleship   1 comment


Above:  Procession at Haynesville, Alabama, August 9, 2013

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta




Jonathan Myrick Daniels (murdered at Haynesville, Alabama, on August 20, 1965, while saving the life of one Ruby Sales), was an Episcopal seminarian who had taken leave to work in the Civil Rights Movement in Alabama.  For his trouble he suffered insults, imprisonment, and murder.  Charles Carpenter, the Bishop of Alabama, concerned that Daniels was causing trouble, committed to writing the possibility of requesting that the seminarian’s bishop recall him to seminary in New England.

Today Daniels is an official saint of The Episcopal Church.

I bring all of this up because of a quote Daniels committed to writing:

There are moments when I’d like to get a high-powered rifle and take to the woods, but more and more strongly I am beginning to feel that ultimately the revolution to which I am committed is the way of the Cross.

–Quoted in Taylor Branch, At Canaan’s Edge:  America in the King Years, 1965-68 (New York, NY:  Simon & Schuster, 2006). page 209

Daniels took up his cross and followed Jesus to martyrdom.




Matt. 10, 37-39

1.  Often different affections collide–one must be chosen.  These preferences reveal the man.

2.  Our Lord demands [that] we should love Him with all the heart.  He must be enthroned as Lord of heart and life.  He gave all for us; shall we do less for Him?

(1)  But sometimes one’s own people oppose his becoming a Christian.   While parents are to be obeyed “in the Lord,” yet the claims of God are higher and not to be set aside for parental opposition to God’s will.  Cease not to love them, but obey God whatever the cost.

Illustration:  Infidel’s daughter driven from home but was true & her father was converted.

(2)  Sometimes He calls to specific service that parents may oppose or may call one from from home.  Shall parental will outrank God’s?  If so, one is unworthy of His love who gave all for us.

3.  Such may be a cross, but it must be borne–following Him.

4.  It is no failure.  Denying self even of friends if need be, is the royal road to eternal fruition.

The heroic age of the church is at the door.  May it dawn today in all its glory.