The Easy Yoke He Gives   1 comment


Above:  Two Yoked Oxen, Between 1860 and 1900

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = LC-USZ62-136943


Matt. 11, 28-30

1.  A gracious Saviour & Deliverer.  His attitude toward all men is one of solicitude, inviting the world to come to Him.  As the Good Shepherd he is careful for the sheep.  What a lovely attitude is his.

2.  Man is in great straights.  He labors and is burdened with many sins, condemnation, fear, rebukes of conscience, bitter slavery to sin’s power.  But for the cross of Christ sin’s burdens would break the heart of this old world.

Christians have many temptations and struggles against sin & need divine assistance.  He dare not walk alone.

3.  Jesus invites all such to come to him.  He urges the sinner to exchange the heavy yoke of sin for the lighter one He delights to give.  There is something better than the sinner’s lot.  “My yoke is easy.”  He gives rest to the weary soul.

His is an easy yoke, for it is personally adapted to one.  He helps bear it, and love makes it easy.  We delight to do His will.

4.  He is meek–humble–and lowly.  So we humble ourselves as he did–“as his Lord” is enough for the servant.

Will you then come to him for rest and accept the easy yoke?  He invites you; come now.


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