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Mom in Sville News 1990 with part of article

Uncle Randy sent this scan of part of a 1990 Summerville News article featuring my grandmother, Nell Barrett Taylor.  Here and elsewhere (most Facebook of late) I have read moving accounts of my grandmother’s positive influence on many lives.  Many students benefited much just from her official duties as a teacher.  She helped at least one former student on her own time at home with a college paper.  And then there were her musical contributions to Summerville Presbyterian Church as a musician.  Hers is a fine legacy.



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  1. My name is Wayne Coley and I am a former student of Mrs. Taylor. She was my English teacher at Chattooga High my senior year in 1967. English was by far my worst class during my Junior year. As a matter of fact, I was basically a B- or C student during my entire educational journey.

    But, then within weeks of beginning her class she called me aside after class one day. She questioned me about all the little sketches and doodles on my notebooks and binders. Other than my mother, she was the only person that ever showed an interest in my art. I think she realized that I needed confidence in my life and she wanted to help me achieve that goal.

    She asked me if I could create some drawings of some of the famous authors for her. She requested pencil drawings of Shakespeare, Milton, Chaucer, and a couple of others. She offered extra credit for the drawings, so I agreed.

    After a couple of weeks I brought the drawings in and gave them to her. She praised the quality of the art and made me feel like I really belonged. The next Monday morning Mrs. Taylor surprised me by framing the drawings and hanging them above the black board at the front of our English class. I felt so proud when she announced to the class the I was the artist. From that day forward, English class was my favorite time of day and I started reading books by those authors (and others). My grades in all classes improved and my senior year at Chattooga High was one I will always cherish.

    Oh, one more thing… I was voted “Most Talented” for my Senior class. What an honor.

    In 1976, I enrolled at The Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida. Yes, I went back to college 9 years after high school. I graduated in 1980 with a BA degree in Graphic Design/Illustration. Moving to Chattanooga, Tennessee, I have worked in Advertising, Graphic Design, and Illustration for the past 35 years. I am now retired but I still do oil paintings and Freelance work work several companies.

    It all started with a wonderful teacher seeing a sparkle of talent in a 17 year old boy. I will always be grateful to her for changing my path in life.

    Wayne Coley
    Class of 1967

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