If Thou Canst,…Help Us   1 comment

©Photo. R.M.N. / R.-G. OjŽda

Above:  The Exorcism

(Image in the Public Domain)


Mk. 9, 22-23

1.  Jesus was anointed “to preach deliverance.”  His mission is to body, mind, and soul.  He healed and forgave and empowered his disciples to heal and cast out devils and raise the dead.

2.  Here is a distressed father whom the disciples failed to relieve by healing his boy.  He comes to Jesus believing yet doubting.  “If thou canst do anything.”  Some perchance bind God as they think, with law till He is helpless; then no wonder they turn their backs on such a weakling.  Then He can’t help them, for they disown Him.

“If thou canst.”  Who is He?  Creator and preserver of all things.  “All power hath been given unto me.”  God hath subjected all things unto him.

3.  Jesus can help us, no matter how sorely distressed.  “If thou canst.”  “All things are possible to him that believeth.”  “I have power if only you have faith.”  He would bolster up our faith when weak that He may bless.

He can answer a mother’s prayers and those of her Godless child.  He delighteth in mercy.  [There is] nothing He can’t do if trusted.

“I am on the mountain and my heart is at rest.”  You try him too.


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