The Crisis in Galilee   1 comment


Above:  Saint Peter as Pope, by Peter Paul Rubens

(Image in the Public Domain)


Jno. 6, 66-69

His teachings and miracles have gathered a great crowd.  He fed the multitude and they were about to crown Him king.  [The] next day in Capernaum, Jesus meets the crisis by the plain truth.

1.  Jesus does not accept superficial disciples.  Earthly motives unfit one for His service.  He repudiates selfishness.  Only those whose purposes are right are accepted.  He does not lower the standard for numbers.

2.  He turned to the twelve:  “Will ye also go away?”  What is your choice?  For that is your privilege.

3.  “To whom shall we go?”  Can we expect a deliverer and Saviour elsewhere?  Shall we seek a political Christ?  Shall we turn infidel?  Or shall we seek our peace in wealth and worldly pleasure?  Is there a ray of hope from some other quarter?  We must cling to Thee till some better help is found.

4.  “We have believed and know that Thou art the Christ, the Holy One of God.”  So we know [that] Thou only art our hope.

Happy the soul whose faith is thus founded.  It strengthens one for every vicissitude of life.  God helps us all to anchor now in this haven of rest.


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