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Ode to Encyclopedias   Leave a comment

Encyclopedias November 8

Above:  Some of My Encyclopedias, November 8, 2013

Photograph by Kenneth Randolph Taylor


An Ode Containing a Lament

Hail to thee, thou reference works

bound nicely in multi-volume sets.

Owning thee carries many perks

and thee one’s appetite for knowledge whets


day after day, over the passage of time.

In thee one finds old, quite dated

articles–useful historical sources most sublime–

as well as constant, if sometimes underrated


information in volumes edited.

Thy demise is to be mourned,

grieved, bewailed, and lamented.

Thy death marks a dark corner turned.



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The Spirit Witnessing to Christ   1 comment

Acts 5

Above:  Part of the Original Text


Acts 5, 32


The Spirit is the great Witness Bearer to the spirits of men.  [He] bears witness to Christ and arouses a sense of sin by the word and witnesses to our salvation.  He carries on the work of Christ in the hearts of men.


He attends the faithful preaching of the word and applies it to the hearts of men.  Without this conviction men could not repent.  He irresistibly convicts men of sin.  Here is where the success of the gospel hinges.


He convinces men [that] it is Christ speaking to them in loving entreaty.  “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.”  His call echoes and reechoes throughout the chambers of the soul.  His “amen” accompanies the word to the soul.


When one repents and believes he bestows saving grace and enables one to cry, “Abba, Father.”  The voice within satisfies the longings of the soul.  Man is restless away from God; finding him he rejoices with “joy unspeakable and full of glory.”

What joy to hear the Spirit tell one he is born of God.


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Autumnal Splendor   Leave a comment

Chalfont Drive November 8

Above:  A View in Athens, Georgia, November 8, 2013

Photograph by Kenneth Randolph Taylor


Leaves litter the asphalt of the parking

spaces as a golden glow does shine

as the sun approaches its setting

once more on this day most fine.


Many trees their colors have turned,

displaying gorgeous golden-hued leaves.

The sight of them is a grace unearned,

a wonder which mighty God weaves.


Other trees have yet to complete this change,

so future joys of nature remain in store.

Such manifold pleasures will truly range

a variety of shades and augment the lore


of this season this year, prompting

us to recall it fondly after it has

passed.  Then the wonder of this thing

will gladden our hearts until, at last,


the seasons turn once again to this

cooler time and nature’s encore

of autumnal splendor does us kiss

quite sweetly once more.



Grieving the Spirit   1 comment

Ephesians 4

Above:  Part of the Original Text


Ephesians 4, 30

The main issue of Christianity is to extricate the sinner and teach him how to live aright.

This involves a change of heart and restoration of communion with God.  [It is for] all classes of men.  None should allow themselves to grieve the the Spirit in his efforts for them:

I.  Because of the solemnity of so personal and recognized a contact with God.

II.  Because he draws near to us only to bring home to our hearts the overtures of God’s infinite love.

III.  Because , if ever saved, it must be through this very influence of the Spirit which we are all here exhorted to recognize.

IV.  Because the Scriptures hedge about the office and work of the Holy Spirit with very solemn and peculiar sanctions.  To blaspheme against the Holy Spirit hath never forgiveness.

1.  Many grieve him by refusing to own [that] they are under his influence and feel his power.

2.  Others by trying to extinguish their convictions, without repentance.

3.  Others by procrastination. This is to trifle with God.  “My Spirit shall not always strive with men.”  When he deports all is lost finally and forever.


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