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Chalfont Drive November 16, 2013

Above:  A View in Athens-Clarke County, November 16, 2013

Photograph by Kenneth Randolph Taylor


On a Saturday morning, as I sit

and work on hobbies at a pace

quite leisurely, I want only to get

more such time, for it is a grace.


I look out a window and see

a sleepy neighborhood, with only a few

automobiles passing by; easy should be

a walk, if that is what I choose to do.


But now I am content to remain indoors,

quietly, doing very little quite slowly.

Doing this will not make me bored.

No, I will do it quite gratefully.


For excessive activity is not a virtue.

No, it is a curse.  And, if one a life

balanced seeks to lead, it is true,

one must strike a balance most nice.



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