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Acts 26

Above:  Part of the Original Text

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor



“Where there is no vision the people perish.”–Prov. 29, 18.  Paul’s vision changed his whole life and subsequent history.  In the light of it he walked and labored ever afterward.  It was a vision:

(1)  Of the nature of Jesus Christ as being the opposite of what Saul thought of him.  Divine and the Saviour of men.  How far-reaching is this truth.

(2)  Of his own sinful course.  Given a holy God, sin is very grievous.  “Against thee…have I sinned.”

(3)  Of God’s call to high and noble endeavor–to rise above the base things of the world and to render helpful service in Jesus’ name.


Saul responded, obeyed God’s call, walked in the light given and climbed to high & holy living.  “His grace was not bestowed on me in vain.”  “I made most of it, used it and labored more abundantly than they all.”


Whatever gleams of light & truth you have, grasp it eagerly, make the most of it.  Thereby life will be one of constant progress.


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