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Large Returns   2 comments

Large Returns

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Matt. 13, 8

Ps. 126, 6


To serve the Lord Christ is the highest privilege–to help him establish righteousness in human lives.  He has a place for us, to undertake for him.


All service has its reward.

(a)  At least the consciousness of duty performed.  This if nothing more; usually there is more.

(b)  Some seed fall by the wayside, etc., but “some into good ground.”  This is the common lot of his servants–“sow in tears, but reap in joy.”  Not every Sunday School pupil profits most, but some do.

Our giving to good causes yields fruit.  Enormous returns from the work of missions.  Godly parents wield a mighty influence.  1 Godly father; 10 children Christians; 42 grandchildren, 41 Christian, 1 a preacher.  That is at least 51-fold in only 2 generations.


The results abide through the ages, right forces set a going operate on and on.  “Some 30; some 60; some 100-fold.”  No such returns assured anywhere else.

With this vision and assurance who need be discouraged?

“The day of small things” may ultimately result in large returns.

“Shall doubtless come again with rejoicing bringing his sheaves with him.”–Ps. 126, 6


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Learn of Me

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Matt. 11, 29


He invites us to come to Him conscious he can render just the help we need–can give us rest from the toil and strife that tries us sorely.


Then we have so much to learn of him and from him.  He is our Master (Teacher) and Lord indeed.  How marvelously many do develop under his tutelage.

(1)  Learn what he has to say to us:

(a)  In his written (inspired) word.  With a desire and prayer to learn of him, his word is most illuminating.  We constantly discover new beauties as we study it.

(b)  By his Spirit’s whispers to us–as he inly speaks.  He has many things to say unto us as we shall be able to hear & bear them.

(2)  Learn by observing and absorbing his spirit, till we have a similar outlook and bearing, till we have the mind of Christ–“meek and lowly.”

(3)  Learn how to be gentle and loving and kind toward all men–how to rule your own spirit.  Very helpful to associate with a great, good and wise character.  Our hearts become more and more like his.

“Make us more and more like Thee.”



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