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Whole-Hearted Service

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Rom. 1, 15

“As much as in me is.”  Here is the secret of the mightiest [missing word] since the ascension of Jesus.  Nothing short of this can explain Paul’s greatness.


Value of personal effort.  Without [it] there can can be no marked progress.  Songs, sermons, etc., by phonograph or radio are lacking just here.

(1)  The presence and force of character count much.  The flash of the eye, the fire of the soul and personal impact of the speaker count for much.  Most of this is lost if the speaker is not near.

(2)  Full effort is needed.  Half-heartedness gets nowhere.  Only when the soul is aroused and put into what one does can much be accomplished.


Christianity is worthy of our utmost endeavor.

(1)  “Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.”  “Things done by half are never done right.”  Christianity calls for all there is in us all the time.

“Cursed be he that doeth the work of the Lord negligently.”  We have a great and glorious work to do and the text should be our motto.

(2)  Those who seek to help are worthy of our best endeavor.  We deal with immortal souls.  Shall they perish because we are half-hearted?


God will add his blessing and that is the best of all our efforts.

Shall we not pray and give with all our might?


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