“If Any Man Thirst, Let Him Come to Me and Drink.”   1 comment

If Any Man Thirst

Above:  The Original Text

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


Jno. 7, 37


The physical man has needs and he is restless until they are met.  Thirst is a very strong desire–a painful death.


Man’s spirit has needs even greater.  How restless they make him; this world can give no abiding satisfaction.

We were made for God and our souls find no peace till they rest in Him.  The moral faculties are nourished only by Him.

How restless are the ungodly!  They rush hither and thither seeking satisfaction in the perishable things of this world and find it not.


Christ alone can bestow satisfaction.  He is the water of life–can still the restless spirit, give peace and rest.

(1)  The sense of pardon.

(2)  Reconciliation with God, till we delight in Him.

(3)  Bestow confidence and hope, strength for life’s needs.

“A well of water (within) springing up unto eternal life.”

All my life-long I had panted

For a draft from a cool spring

That I hoped would quench the burning

Of the thirst I felt within.


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