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John 2

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Jesus works through men as well as by the Holy Spirit.  He called twelve apostles to be with him, hear what he had to say, witness his works, catch his ideals, and absorb his Spirit; that they might carry on after he returned to the Father.  He was their Master and Lord.


Now he directs the church, in her life and service, from his throne on high.  He gives believers his Holy Spirit to dwell in their hearts and to direct and inspire their lives and to empower them for the work.  His to direct, theirs to follow and obey.  Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it.  A fine motto!

But how does he speak to us?

(1)  Through his written word.  “Go ye.”

(2)  By the voice of the Spirit prompting us to a certain course of action.

(3)  By our knowledge of the need of service that should be rendered.  We may discover it ourselves, or far-seeing men, who see it, may tell us.  In either case to know the need is to be called to help meet it as we are able.


The church today is apprised of the great need and is moving to meet it.  Shall we not prove worthy of this great and tragic hour?  “Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it.”


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