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Above:  The Original Text

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


Jno. 17, 19


“Sanctify”–consecrate and devote myself that I thereby may purchase eternal redemption for them–see Jer. 12, 3.  The root idea is the consecration of persons and things to the service of God–opposed to what is common.  “For their sakes”–that they may receive the blessings that can be secured in no other way.  His teaching and religion aroused the hostility of the leaders of that day.  He faced it all and devoted himself to death to bring salvation to the people.


I, a father, devote myself to the highest and best for the sake of my son, who must face the future.  What I can do to help him as he lives his life, I gladly undertake.  He must face a new day.


As a churchman.  Without religion morals will disappear and the heart will find no stay.

The church alone has pious religion.  Hence I consecrate myself to God and the church to help carry on his work.


As a citizen, I devote myself to righteousness and peace among the nations of the earth, that we may have a just and lasting peace.


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