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Above:  Wedding, 1924

Photograph Creator = Harris & Ewing

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = LC-DIG-hec-44208


For Miss N. M. and Mr. J. H. B.

May He whose gracious presence

And wonder-working power

In Cana blessed a marriage-feast,

Bless this glad, holy hour.

Now while your both your’re plighting,–

Though none His form may see,–

May He stand close beside you

Approving tenderly.


As hand in hand you journey

Along life’s rugged way,

May He e’er walk before you

To be your guide each day.

May your house be a shadow

Of that in heav’n above;

Wrought in its every fibre,

Be the golden thread of love.


When snows of many winters

Have silvered all your hair,

And visions of the pearly gates

Appear most wondrous fair,

May you, like tired children,

Sleep through the long dark night,

With morn awake in heaven,

At home in realms of light.




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