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Teri the Dog Hopewell

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Photograph Setting = the patio at the parsonage of the South Baxley Charge (Hopewell-Crosby Chapel), Appling County, Georgia, where our family lived from June 1982 to June 1985


Teri the Terrier was a rescue dog with three good legs and a full dose of attitude and a vigorous bark.  She, a canine sweetheart, was small enough for us to bathe in the kitchen sink.  Then, of course, she ran outside and rolled around in the dirt, for soil is like canine perfume, apparently.

Teri ran away on moving day in June 1985.  We planned to take her with us, but she darted off.  We had to move on schedule, so we went on our way.  I hope that Teri found a good home.


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