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Above:  Meadow Garden, Augusta, Richmond County, Georgia, 1939 or 1944

Photographer = Frances Benjamin Johnston (1864-1952)

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = LC-DIG-csas-00922



My great-grandparents served in Augusta twice–at the Asbury Circuit (late 1914-late 1916) and St. Luke Methodist Episcopal Church, South (late 1927-late 1929).  My great-grandmother wrote this text during one of those stints.



Be at home in my heart, O my Master,

The door I have set open wide;

I pray thou wouldst deign to enter,

And henceforth with me to abide.


There is no niche where thou art unwelcome,

No room thou may’st not enter in;

Be at home, and with thy blessed fullness,

Cast out from my heart every sin.


O Lord, I would be pure and holy,

As fitteth one whose guest thou art,

Nor ever by thought, word, or action,

To thee close the door of my heart.


Then on that glad day of thy coming,

When all earth thy glory shall see,

With all who have made thee welcome,

May I be at home with thee.



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