To a Superannuate   Leave a comment

To a Superannuate (1)

Above:  The First Page of the Original Copy

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


Long has been thy toilsome journey,

O thou veteran of the cross.

Bravely thou hast borne thy burdens,

Murm’ring not at pain or loss,

Whene’er these have been thy portion;

But in faith calm and serene

Thou hast looked beyond the earthly,

Into glories yet unseen.


And now, O brave Christian soldier,

Upon this, thy natal day,

Hosts of souls whom thou hast rescued

Lift their hearts to God and pray–

“Bless, oh, bless him, Heavenly Father,

And his every need supply;

Many years yet may he linger

E’er he goes to dwell on high,


“For we need his saintly presence;

Need to hear his shepherd-voice

Speaking unto us thy message,

Bidding penitents rejoice.

When for him swing wide the portal,

And before Thy judgment seat

He, with all the sheaves he’s garnered,

Stands in Christ our Lord complete,

Hears Thee bid him, ‘Welcome! Welcome!’

As his crown of life is given,

Grant that we his steps may follow,

Let us all meet him in heaven.”


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