Response to His Grace   1 comment

Response to His Grace

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2 Cor. 6, 1b

…beseech you also that ye receive not the grace of God in vain.

Authorized Version


Grace–divine favor–here especially that which comes through the death of Christ.  How unsearchable is its fullness–greater than we can ask or think.  It is offered unto all without money and without price.  God proclaims it by his ministers.


Paul begs us not to receive it “in vain.”  It is in vain when we do not receive it by faith and let it produce in us needed results.

(1)  Believe it–accept it as true and respond to it from the heart.  We need just what it will do for us–deliver us from sin and make us more and more like our Lord in (a) love to God and man, (b) that we fall not short of the glory of God.

(2)  Become faithful servants of God–true to him and his cause in the earth.  To prove God’s grace to him had not been in vain; Paul adds:  “I labored more abundantly than they all.”

What reward has God for all he has done for us, if we do nothing for him?

May we respond to his grace and live for him in all things–keep busy serving him.


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