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Without God

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Eph. 2, 12


Man was made for God.  His immortal nature yearns after him and can find no rest away from him.


God can have no fellowship with sin.  When sin comes into the heart God goes out.  Satan is God’s worst enemy.  Sin alienates him from God.

(a)  A sinner has no communion with God, no sense of God’s presence and love, no peace, no joy.  His heart responds not to God’s overtures.

(b)  No God in temptation to help him resist the devil.  Left a hopeless prey to all the snares of Satan.  Nothing but God’s grace can save one.

So he is left a victim of sin, a prey to lust, and every evil power.

How can parents rest while one child is away from God?

(c)  Without God in afflictions and bereavements.  The heart sorely needs him then.  He alone can comfort and strengthen.  No prayer, no help!  How unspeakable.

(d)  Without God in death; left to the the awful doom of the damned.

No hope of immortality, but unending woe.

Dare we live without him?  He calls you to him now.  Hear and heed him right now.


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