A Prayer for Divine Guidance   1 comment

Prayer for Divine Guidance

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Ps. 27, 11


God, wise, holy, loving, knows what is best for all his children–knows what will be the result of every course of action.  “As for God his way is perfect.”  He never makes a mistake.


Man is short-sighted at best.  He cannot see into the future.  His mind has been distorted by sin.  How needful he should pray the text.

(1)  “Teach me thy way, O Lord.”  Make known to me thy way of truth and righteousness.  Show me what is thy will concerning me.  I would live for thee in all things.

(2)  “Lead me in a plain path”–so plain that I will not doubt it is thy path for men.  Like a shepherd go before me, lead the way that I may follow close to thee.

(3)  “Because of mine enemies.”  On every hand evil forces, enemies of my soul, would ensnare my feet and work my undoing.  These evil forces do turn many to destruction.  Save me from them.

(4)  When I come to the end of the way take me by the hand and lead me to the home on high, assure me afresh of a blissful immortality.


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