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Salvation of the Righteous

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I have read of students in the United States of America who cannot read cursive or even italic, for many schools have stopped teaching pupils how to write either.  (My teachers taught me cursive in my early elementary years, but I modified it into italic by free will.  Thus my capital Q resembles a Q, not a 2, for example.)  And I have had some students in college courses I have taught who have not known how to read my italic comments.  (My handwriting was not that bad!)  They have admitted that they cannot read cursive or italic.  I thought of such matters while typing the text of these sermon notes, examining certain words carefully to ponder what they might be.  I figured them out, of course, but I have known people who would not have known where to start.  That is truly unfortunate.




Ps. 37, 39


“Salvation” here in contrast with “the end” of the wicked in v. 38.   They “are cut off,” destroyed as the result of their sin.

The righteous are saved by the power and goodness of God.  It makes all the difference whether our lives [are] in sin or [we] turn to God.


 Their salvation is of the Lord.  He saves them by his mercy and grace.  A great work beyond the ability of man to do.  The Lord can; he is stronger than Satan.  While on earth Jesus drove him out, overcame him and can do as much for us.  What a glorious fact this is!


When trouble comes, for come it will, he will be their strength and stay–comes closest when we need him most, he cares and stands by us to help us.

(a)  He will give needed strength.  “Will be with us in six troubles and will not forsake us in the seventh.”

(b)  Will enable us to rise above it and triumph over it.  He “will help them and deliver them.” (v. 40)

All of this, of course, as we look to him for help.

“Because they trust in him.” (v. 40)


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