The Place of the College Today   1 comment

Place of the College Today

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Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


Ps. 119, 130


Educo, to lead out; hence to develop and furnish for larger service.  One learns where things are, where to seek for further equipment.


This is a day of specialists, who devote themselves to special preparation–do research work.  Knowledge, when properly applied, is power.


The church pioneered in education–believes that an intelligent piety is essential to the greatest usefulness, in pulpit and pew.  Some things can be done only by persons well furnished in head and heart–as Paul, Luther, Wesley.


Church schools have made a great contribution to Christian sentiment.

They have had to depend largely on small gifts:  of late a few large gifts have been received.

Most men who [have] had the call to preach are poor and need help to prepare for their life-work.  Hence the appeals from our schools for help to carry on.

They call for help now.


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