“Stir Up the Gift That Is In Thee”   1 comment

Stir Up the Gift Front

Above:  The Front of the Original Document

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


2 Tim. 1, 6


God has given us certain gifts or powers which, when used properly, are useful, helpful, and pleasing in his sight.  To know our lives are helpful adds much to the joy of living.


God would have us use our powers for him.  We should cultivate, develop our gifts, that we may be the more useful.  “Stir up the gift” and use it.

(a)  Many have gifts for music–a gracious gift.  Cultivate it and let God use it.

(b)  Have you a gift for storytelling, for teaching?  God needs it.  Cultivate it by study of God’s word.  What a blessing you may become!!

(c)  Many are gifted in prayer.  What a power for good such are.


Those who neglect such gifts as they have impoverish their own souls and rob others of the help they could render.  Is not this burying our talents?  God is grieved with all who thus act.


Give your whole self to God–you every power of soul.  Do all you can to develop it and let God direct you in using it.

He will bless you and make you a blessing–at last his “well done” will be heaven to you.



I, Kenneth Randolph Taylor, found the following, separate text on the back side of the sheet:

Stir Up the Gift Back

A knowledge of history helps safeguard the presence and the future.  It teaches caution and shows evil tendencies as well as what is safe and wise and good.

How may one think of the new ideas that present themselves?

(1)  As far as may be try them in the light of experience.

(2)  Try to discover whether they promise helpful enlargement, enrichment of reverence, love, righteousness.  If they take away any portion of these they are evil, hurtful, and should be avoided.

Try the spirit of any movement, whether it tends toward God or away from him.


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