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The Kitchen, the Taylor House, Summerville, Georgia, February 1966   2 comments

Summerville Kitchen 19660002

Summerville Kitchen 19660001

Images Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


The changing interior of a house over time can prove to be a most interesting subject.  In the case of the old house in which my great-grandfather Taylor and subsequent generations (including my sister and I) lived, that statement certainly applies.  I know, for example, that the door I knew between the kitchen and the dining room came fairly late in the house’s history, for that door opens into an addition.

These photographs depict the kitchen in an arrangement sufficiently similar to what it looked like when I knew it for it not to be foreign to me yet different enough to intrigue me.  They might also prove interesting to those working on the wonderful project of restoring the dwelling to a graceful condition.

The most interesting feature of the kitchen is one I see clearly in the top photograph.  On the ceiling there is a tell-tale remnant of an age when an old-style stove served its purpose in the room.  Slightly less interesting is the old-model refrigerator.  (It was so short!)