Revelation 22, 2 and Ezekiel 47, 12   2 comments

Revelation 22 and Ezekiel 47

Above:  The Original Document

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor



Salvation likened to a river whose source is the throne of God.  Small at first, it becomes a mighty stream.  Along its banks grows the tree of life, whose fruit fails not.  Its leaves are a healing balm for all our ills.  This is “a balm in Gilead.”


So there is hope for all who turn to God.  Man fails, but God never [fails].

(1)  Evil desires lead to evil deeds.  They need to be taken away and desire for good things made regnant.  How badly it is needed.  “Let brotherly love continue.”  “Love thy neighbor as thyself” that the Golden Rule may become our delight.

(2)  Ill will works so much hurt.  He came to take it away and replace it with good will.  This would cure the hurt of the nations, drive away war and establish peace.

(3)  He will destroy fear and give confidence, trust, and love to all.  The whole attitude of our lives will become new and Christlike.

God speed the day when salvation shall flow down as a mighty river, causing every good thing to live and beautify the whole life of our race in all the world.


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